headquartered in Barcelona

Gram Precision SL asserts itself today among the leaders in the field of industrial weighing in Spain and occupies an increasingly important place in the European market. A pioneer on the industrial and precision scale market, Gram Precision SL has become one of the most dynamic companies since its introduction on the international market.

Our extensive range of products is globally recognised through its premium quality and superior services.

The satisfaction of our distributors has been and will always be a top priority in our business policy. We have made an important financial, human and technological investment in order to offer high-quality products to our distributors, a fast delivery and a proficient service to our customers.

GRAMSCAL, new office in SUZHOU.

Our factory in Suzhou (China) is situated in the industrial area of high technology in Suzhou (China), where companies such as Siemens or Samsung produce their most advanced models.

In the new facility of Suzhou we design and manufacture our products in order to meet the numerous needs of the weighing market with style, innovation and quality.

In our Barcelona headquarters, our Research& Development department outlines the prototypes of new products which are later manufactured in our factory in Suzhou. By getting involved in research, Gram Precision SL guarantees its customers a continuous improvement in the quality of its products and regularly introduces innovative products.

In close collaboration with the R&D department, we perform a strict quality control in all production and logistics processes with the main goal to offer quality products that can meet and exceed customer requirements.


Gram Precision SL offers a wide selection of scales incorporating the latest technology, a modern design and the best in terms of quality. We provide you with a complete set of products, which includes scales ranging from 0, 1 mg to 15 tons.

Our main objective is to continue to develop new models and to update existing products so that customers can have access to the most innovative variety of scales.

Travesía Industrial, nº 11,
08907 l'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)
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